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Help on scribe

>help scribe Syntax: scribe <object> It's possible to write a note onto a piece of paper instead of a note board. To do so, you must first have practiced the scribe skill. Some classes get it sooner than others, but all classes get it before Adept. At any rate, to scribe a note onto a scroll, write your note as normal, but instead of typing note post, type note scribe <object>, where object is the piece of blank paper or sheepskin or whatever it is you want to write your note onto. The note's subject line will be visible any time the scroll is lying on the ground, and the body of the text will be visible any time someone looks at the scroll. Your note will remain in the buffer, so you can write more than one copy of any note to a scroll or whatnot. Blank pieces of paper are available in the magic shop in Shuma.