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Help on pick lock

>help pick lock Syntax: open <object|direction> Syntax: close <object|direction> Syntax: close portal Syntax: lock <object|direction> Syntax: unlock <object|direction> Syntax: pick <object|direction> OPEN and CLOSE open and close an object or a door. You can CLOSE a portal and it will disappear shortly after. LOCK and UNLOCK lock and unlock a closed object or door. You must have the requisite key to LOCK or UNLOCK. PICK can open a lock without having the key. In order to PICK successfully, you must practice the appropriate skill. But remember, not all locks can be successfully picked and you may need the key after all. Also see BASH for warriors. If you close a portal, it vanishes in a tick or two. It's considered rude to leave portals to dangerous places around lowbie areas without closing them.