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Help on mass cure serious

>help mass cure serious Syntax: cast 'cure light' <character> Syntax: cast 'cure serious' <character> Syntax: cast 'cure critical' <character> Syntax: cast 'heal' <character> Syntax: cast 'unheal' <character> Syntax: cast 'divinity' <character> Syntax: cast 'undivinity' <character> Syntax: cast 'mass cure serious' Syntax: cast 'mass cure critical' Syntax: cast 'mass heal' Syntax: cast 'mass divinity' These spells cure damage on the target character. The higher-level spells heal more damage. MASS HEAL restores hit points to all (present) members of the caster's group. The amount healed is 100 hps. MASS DIVINITY heals 200 hps per player. UNHEAL and UNDIVINITY are spells for the undead vampires. Although the normal HEAL and DIVINITY spells will work on them, it will not be as effective.