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Help on kick

>help kick Syntax: backstab <character> Syntax: disarm Syntax: kick Syntax: kill <character> Syntax: murder <character> KILL starts a fight, and, hopefully, kills something. BACKSTAB is another way to start a fight, used by rogues. BS is a synonym for BACKSTAB. MURDER is used to kill other player characters. This is ONLY allowed in the arena. DISARM is an auxiliary fighting command to disarm your opponent. Similarly, KICK will inflict more damage during combat by kicking. In order to BACKSTAB, DISARM, or KICK successfully, you must practice the appropriate skill. Samurai, being more coordinated than warriors, are better able to use martial arts. Snapkick is a flying kick to the chest or head, and carries more force than a normal kick. This additional force will upset its victim's balance, and sometimes will send him/her sprawling on the floor. Should this happen, the victim's ability to defend him/herself will be drastically reduced, as indicated by the considerably high damage dealt on normal weapon hits over the next four rounds. Although the Samurai are extremely coordinated, things can still go wrong. There is a small chance that, following a Snapkick, a Samurai will lose his balance and fall down himself - without the Groundfighting skill, this leaves the Samurai open to the same amount of additional damage the mob would otherwise receive.