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Help on intellect fortress

>help intellect fortress Syntax: cast 'thought shield' Syntax: cast 'mental barrier' Syntax: cast 'displacement' Syntax: cast 'flesh armor' Syntax: cast 'intellect fortress' Syntax: cast 'inertial barrier' These are protective disciplines which a psionicist can exercise. THOUGHT SHIELD and MENTAL BARRIER create damage-absorbing shields held in place by the psionicist's will. DISPLACEMENT makes the psionicist appear to be displaced from his or her actual position, thus making him or her more difficult to hit. With the FLESH ARMOR devotion, a psionicist can harden his or her skin into an armor-like substance. INTELLECT FORTRESS shares the powers of the psionicist's mind with the other members in his or her group, extending a shield around all of them. INERTIAL BARRIER creates a barrier of positive energy that reduces the damage inflicted by creatures of negative energy.