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Help on heal

>help heal Healers cast random spells on travellers. They also sell certain spells. Type 'heal' to see the list. Syntax: c 'healing aura' A cleric can focus their healing energy into a region of space, charging it with healing power until it radiates healing a little at a time over the space of the next few hours, until there is nothing left. While the healing aura persists, each player character in the room will receive a healing spell each tic. Syntax: cast 'lend health' <character> A psionicist can LEND HEALTH to a companion in need, but only at his or her own expense. That's what friends are for, right? This skill helps you gain more mana per tick when sleeping. It is automatic in nature. Similar is the FAST HEALING skill which allows you to gain more hit points per tick when sleeping.