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Help on command

>help command Syntax: AREAS [extinct] [level] Syntax: COMMANDS Syntax: SOCIALS AREAS shows you the game's area list, with the suggested levels. If you specify a level, it will only show areas where that level is within the recommended level range. If you also give it the word 'extinct', it will show the percentage of mobs in that area which are extinct. This can help you find areas where the mobiles are plentiful, and avoid the ones which are overplayed. AREAS shows you all of the areas in the game, with the author's name and the suggested levels. COMMANDS shows you all of the commands (except socials) available to you. SOCIALS shows you all of the social commands available to you. Syntax: cast command <victim> <action> Although pure mental domination is the delight of any psionicist, it is not always necessary or, due to the resistance of the subject, very likely to succeed. A psionicist can, however, use command to implant a single suggestion inside his/her target's mind. That command is much more likely to be carried out than a full domination.