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Help on blind

>help blind Syntax: blind <target> Rogues, being thoroughly unconcerned with honorable combat, may pursue means of attacking enemies which more scrupulous classes would eschew out of a sense of honor or fair play. A vital combat skill rogues possess is that of blinding an opponent by means of hurling debris into his/her/its eyes. In order to use this skill, one must be in a room of a conducive terrain type, and then type "get debris". This will allow the rogue to scoop up a handful of dirt, sand, or whatever other material is present. Then when the rogue uses the blind skill on an opponent, a successful use of the skill will result in the foe being blinded. Syntax: cast blindness <victim> This spell renders the target character blind. Syntax: cast 'cure blindness' <character> This spell cures blindness in one so unfortunate.